Creating Sacred Space

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Shabbat is the change in atmosphere that can be felt as the work week ends and Shabbat begins. We wear special clothes, eat delicious foods, and infuse our space with the glow of Shabbat through lighting candles, using our nice dishes, maybe putting out flowers. Shabbat is a taste of the world to come, so we make our space feel as beautiful and special as we can.

As part of an initiative to re-imagine and re-invigorate the Friday night experience at Tufts University’s Hillel, we gathered together a group of students to create murals to adorn the walls of the Reform and Conservative minyanim as well as centerpieces for the Shabbat dinner tables. Student participants ranged in artistic ability and experience and all found a way to connect in this project of ¬†helping to change and enhance the space at Hillel. We hope that these art pieces help to make Hillel feel more beautiful and holy on Shabbat and that they inspire more creative engagement as we continue to enhance our sacred space.